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{Chasing Memories – Mine on Monday} Spokane Family Photographer

Wow, this past month has been B.U.S.Y!  So much so that I didn’t take but a few pictures with my iPhone, so I’m just sharing some Instagram snapshots today.  Let’s see, a quick recap of the past month.  Teagun ended one basketball season and started another.  He also started playing flag football for the first time.  Emery lost 2 teeth in 24 hours. She started her first ever season of basketball. She went skiing for the first time (and 2nd/3rd). Along those lines, I went skiing for the first time in probably 15 years and she is already way better than me!  🙂  Lots of fun times for sure.


Spokane Family Photographer | Jaidean Baker Photography


{Chasing Moments} Mine on Monday

It’s that time again – Chasing Moment’s Blog Circle! I’m loving how this actually make me focus on my own kid’s pictures for at least a little bit of time every month! 🙂

Below are some back-to-school pictures I took of my kids earlier in the month. Teagun started 3rd grade and Emery started kindergarten. I had a really hard time with her starting kindergarten this year…I think because she is my “baby” and a she is now in “big kid” school! I wasn’t ready, but she definitely was…she is loving it and doing great!










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Jaidean Baker Photography | Spokane Family Photographer


{Chasing Moments} Mine on Monday

It is time again for the Chasing Moments Blog Circle!

…and I’m totally cheating and pulling some Instagram pictures this month. I have no idea where this past month has gone, and I do have some pictures (we went to Vegas, saw the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, my sister got married as you will see in the Instagram pics below), but like I said, I have no idea where the past month has gone and I haven’t downloaded anything! And I’m only afraid it is going to get worse for a few months before it gets better with back to school, soccer and fall photos sessions (my calendar is filling up quickly, by the way, so contact me soon if you are wanting a session this fall).

I’m so not ready for summer to end!

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Spokane Family Photographer | Jaidean Baker Photography


{Vacation, Part IV – Bora Bora} Spokane Family Photographer

We also did a couple excursions while on Bora Bora.

One excursion we did was go to the Lagoonarium (it got good reviews for a good family activity…it was kid friendly, but not sure I’d recommend it). We saw turtles, fed the sting-rays, snorkeled, fed the fish and swam with the sharks.

Trevor and I went on a bike ride around the island of Bora Bora with his sister and her husband. Is is only 18 miles…and I say only very sarcastically. I thought we were either renting scooters or going on an electric bike. Only when we got over there we found out neither were available, so we decided pedal bikes would be a good alternative. Unless you are a spin instructor (like my sister-in-law) or maybe if you have rode a bike (that wasn’t totally falling apart like the ones we rented were) in the last 15 years more than a block, it might be ok. I (kind of) laugh about it now, but it was miserable at the time (so HOT)…lol. I have very few pictures from this endeavor…and you can probably tell from my description why! It was a good way to get a good close look at the island though.

And then we also did a jet ski tour around the island which was a lot of fun!

And just a few other random pictures


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