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Portrait Party – Part 2

Sneak Peaks for the final three families! Man, all these kids were just so cute at this party!




DSC_2976 copy


and does this one not make you happy just looking at it????



Portrait Party – Part 1

I photographed five wonderful families at a Portrait Party on Sunday afternoon. It ended up being a gorgeous day and we had a lot of fun! Thank you all for attending. Here is a sneak peak for the first two families. class=”aligncenter”

DSC_2788 copy





The L Family

I had a very busy weekend (including a wedding!), so lots and lots of sneak peaks ahead.

Up next is the L family. Again, I was so excited when this family booked a holiday session. I photographed L and M back in June (see here) and they are just so much fun and just a gorgeous family!


And I just LOVE everything about this picture. Just so sweet!


It was so great to see you again! I had a lot of fun!


The H Family

I was so excited when this family booked a holiday session because back in June I took baby “J’s” newborn pictures. It is always so fun to see how much (and fast) they grow-up! He is still just the sweetest baby! It was so great to see you all again today!


DSC_2662 b&w


A gorgeous family

I met up with this wonderful family this morning. Rachael and I are on a photo message board together, so if was great to finally get to meet her in person. They are from Coeur d’ Alene and made the trek over into my neck of the woods for some family pictures. Her kids did awesome despite the freezing temperatures this morning. I did feel bad for Baby T though…by the end of the session her lips were turning as blue as her gorgeous eyes! She was such a trooper though!


20081011-DSC_1432 b&w

C was more interested in watching the ducks than looking at me! I don’t blame him – they are more interesting!


Look at all her hair. She is just a couple weeks younger than Emery and I just can’t believe how much hair she has. Just adorable! Can’t wait to be able to put Emery’s hair in lil’ piggy tails!
20081011-DSC_1466  b&w


A Holiday Session {Spokane Family Photographer}

I had my first Holiday session yesterday evening with the L family. They are all just so much fun. We were downtown and went for some not so traditional holiday pictures and I just love how they turned out! Thank you so much L family and I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!




Baby A – 5 days old

Oh goodness. I got to photograph the sweetest baby yesterday. You may remember his mama from her maternity pictures last month. She has a c-section on Monday and was up moving around like nothing when I was there on Saturday. Made me feel like a big baby! I’m pretty sure I would have been laying in bed still.:)lol…

Congratulations J family – baby A is just a doll! Enjoy your sneak peak!






Sunday morning I met-up with Rachel downtown for her senior pictures – I love it down there because there are just so many different backgrounds to choose from.

She tried to tell me she always makes funny faces in pictures, but I think she was lying!:)I got so many great pictures of her.

It was so great to meet you – enjoy your sneak peak!


00-27 copy


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