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{Mine on Monday – Instagram Style} Spokane Photographer

Happy Monday! Whew, it has been a busy week getting back into the swing of school and soccer. We are also trying to enjoy every last moment of the warm temperatures and get out on the boat as much as possible before it is too cold. Keeping fingers crossed that it will be warm enough for 1-2 more times this month! I’m not quite ready to admit that winter is right around the corner!

I sent out my fall newsletter last week. If you didn’t receive it and want to be on the list, please sign up (put your email in the box above in the intro section)! There was a special in there for holiday cards for booking a fall session with me! Again, fall is typically my busiest time and I only have a few spots remaining open, so contact me right away if you want on my schedule for fall!

Our Instagram pictures over the past couple weeks!

Have a great week!

Spokane Photographer | Jaidean Baker Photography


{Mine on Monday – Back to School} Spokane Child Photographer

Tomorrow is the first day back to school and I will have a SECOND grader! I have no idea how he got so big already! Wow, time truly does fly by! We went to his school this weekend to get some back to school photos. They just built a brand new school, so we decided to do a few pictures in front of the old school and some in front of the new school. The new school is beautiful – can’t wait to see the inside of it on Tuesday!

Spokane Children’s Photographer | Jaidean Baker Photography


{Laila is sitting!} Spokane Baby Photographer

And now a couple pictures to share of Laila’s sitting session…so so much fun being able to watch babies grow their first year of life!

I love love love when they just learn to sit. I want to go back and bottle up my kids at this age…I always forget just how cute it is!:)

Love the little tripod stance for balance and look at those curled up toes…so adorable!

And those big, beautiful eyes

Jaidean Baker Photography | Spokane Baby Photographer

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