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{The J Family} Spokane Family Photographer

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this family for about the past 7 years, I think…it’s been a long time, regardless! ┬áIt is always so much fun and I just love being able to see all four kids grow over the years.

























Always fun to re-create “then and now” photos!


Jaidean Baker Photography | Spokane Family Photographer


{Mine on Monday – Instagram Style} Spokane Photographer

Happy Monday! Whew, it has been a busy week getting back into the swing of school and soccer. We are also trying to enjoy every last moment of the warm temperatures and get out on the boat as much as possible before it is too cold. Keeping fingers crossed that it will be warm enough for 1-2 more times this month! I’m not quite ready to admit that winter is right around the corner!

I sent out my fall newsletter last week. If you didn’t receive it and want to be on the list, please sign up (put your email in the box above in the intro section)! There was a special in there for holiday cards for booking a fall session with me! Again, fall is typically my busiest time and I only have a few spots remaining open, so contact me right away if you want on my schedule for fall!

Our Instagram pictures over the past couple weeks!

Have a great week!

Spokane Photographer | Jaidean Baker Photography


{Mine on Monday – Back to School} Spokane Child Photographer

Tomorrow is the first day back to school and I will have a SECOND grader! I have no idea how he got so big already! Wow, time truly does fly by! We went to his school this weekend to get some back to school photos. They just built a brand new school, so we decided to do a few pictures in front of the old school and some in front of the new school. The new school is beautiful – can’t wait to see the inside of it on Tuesday!

Spokane Children’s Photographer | Jaidean Baker Photography


{Mine on Monday} – Gardening

I thought I would do a quick garden update since it has been a month since the last update. To sum it up quickly, it is doing awesome and I am enjoying it so much (way more than I thought I would). It is seriously so rewarding! ­čÖé I ended up just taking out the melons I had planted (I don’t think they grow well here, and I should have known better, but it sounded like a good idea at the time!). The other things that are still up in the air whether they are going to take off or not are the green peppers and cucumbers. They definitely haven’t grown as much as the other stuff, but still hanging in there, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. The lettuce is doing great and we are enjoying lots and lots of salads this summer. The peas have started growing too so that is a nice addition in our salads. All the other things we have growing, I’m hoping we will be able to start enjoying within the next couple of weeks! ┬áThese were actually taken last weekend, and it has grown a ton more since then!

The monster tomato plant…seriously, I had no idea tomato plants got so big – it is taking over! We also have two more plants hanging in topsy turvies on our patio. We are going to have a ton of tomatoes here soon!

Broccoli and lettuce

Zucchini, peas and green peppers

Are you growing a garden? How is it doing this year? What is growing well for you?


{Mine on Monday} – Gardening

So I decided this spring I wanted to attempt a garden this summer. I have no green thumb at all – I have a total of two plants in my house and honestly don’t know how they are still even alive. The only things I have in the flower beds around my house are self-sufficient little flowering bushes. But I thought this would be fun and a good project for the kids to see and to help out with too! So for Mother’s Day this year my husband built me a little raised garden. I read this gardening book which is about intensive and small space gardening and I thought it was great. I created my little garden plan and we headed to The Plant Farm. I decided that my very first year attempting a garden that I wanted to make sure some things grew, so I opted to buy plants starts. The kids and I did do a few seed starts inside the month before, but the only things that survived were the peas (which I’ve planted in my garden).

We have had an extremely cold spring so far – it has yet to reach 80 degrees (possibly supposed to hit that tomorrow which is 8 days PAST the old record of the longest time before hitting 80 degrees). Lots and lots of rain and hail storms too. And very little sun. Not sure this was the best spring to attempt my first garden. But it seems to be hanging in there OK. I planted zucchini (2 plants), sweet peppers (4 plants), melons (3 plants), peas (several from seed and two plants), strawberries (2 plants), variety of lettuce, cucumbers (2 plants), radishes, tomatoes (1 plant in garden and two in topsy turvies), winter squash (1 plant), and broccoli (4 plants). Then some magnolia flowers and Nasturtiums (by seed) for accents (and the book said those help┬ápollinate┬áand keep bugs at bay). The radishes have already died and my melons, cucumbers, and strawberries don’t look very well. Everything else seems to be growing though, so that is good! ┬áReally hoping the cucumbers end up surviving though!

Anyone have any gardening tips for this first time gardener here? What have you found grows really well? What isn’t worth the time? Any tips and/or suggestions you have, I’d love to hear! Hopefully I’ll be able to update in another month or so that my garden is continuing to grow and has started producing some things!

A couple images of my little garden (all taken with my iPhone)

The beginning

3 weeks in

Spokane Photographer


{Mine on Monday} Spokane Child Photographer

Happy Monday! I hope you were able to get out and enjoy some of the sunshine we had this weekend! It was so nice to see! We actually had a very quiet week last week. The kids were on Spring Break so they went and stayed with their grandparents for the week (yes, I had a kid-free week…I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself and was so bored and so ready for them to come back Friday evening!). But this week is going to make up for it, I think, as we have something going on everyday this week…good thing I got rested up!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Jaidean Baker Photography | Spokane Family Photographer

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