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{Mine on Monday} Spokane Kids Photographer

Emery decided on Saturday that she wanted to get her haircut “like Rapunzel when Eugene cuts off all her long hair!” That was a little extreme for me, but we agreed to shoulder-length. It is so stinkin’ cute! Makes her hair seem so much thicker and her look so much older (it is amazing how a haircut can do that!).

I can’t believe my baby will be 4 in two and a half weeks!

Spokane On-Location Photographer | Jaidean Baker Photography


{Mine on Monday} Spokane Children’s Photographer

This picture seriously makes me sooo happy! I rarely ever try to take both kids out at the same time to get a picture together (I have only one picture of them together up in my house…sad!) because it always ends up just a big pushing match or “I don’t want him to touch me!” type comments. 😉 But I needed a picture of them together for a gift I am putting together and with a little bribery got one…and, yes, I literally mean this is the only one that turned out. LOL! Oh well, I love it!

Jaidean Baker Photography | Spokane Kids Photographer


{Mine on Monday} Spokane Family Photographer

I missed last week. We were traveling for Christmas and I forgot! Please forgive me! 🙂 I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and also a safe and fun New Years! I hope your 2011 is the best year yet!!!

You’ll be seeing some changes very soon. I’ve been working on rebranding and am super excited about it. New logo, new website, new look! fun, fun, fun!!! Great way to start 2011!!!

I want to thank all my clients! 2010 was a GREAT year and I think 2011 will be even better!

A few pictures of my kids and I on Christmas

Jaidean Baker Photography | Spokane Baby Photographer


{Mine on Monday} Spokane Child Photographer

Emery received a little princess camera for her birthday from her aunt and almost immediately after opening it asked I would go outside so she could take pictures of me. She even went as far as patting the top of her head and saying, “Mom, look! What is on top of my head?” as she was taking my picture. LOL…think I’ve used that line on her once or twice to try to get her to look at me! 😉 Love her!

Spokane Children’s Photographer | Jaidean Baker Photography


{Mine on Monday} Spokane Children’s Photographer

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We had a great time with family and eating lots and lots of great food!  Friday I ventured out and did some Black Friday shopping with friends.  I never really have a plan when I go out and just kind of go with the flow and if I find a great deal, it makes the day even better!  But I always enjoy it!  Maybe I enjoy more a day of hanging out with my friends and shopping kids-free more than anything though!

And isn’t this snow crazy?!?! (for those not in this area we have gotten around 17″ over the last week, I believe, with 6-9″ more expected over the next couple of days).  I can’t believe how much we’ve gotten and it isn’t even December yet! Last winter was the perfect winter in my opinion – lots of snow in the mountains, but none here. No shoveling, no stressing about driving in it…it was definitely my kind of winter!

So Saturday we stayed home all day and did lots of shoveling (ok, my husband did lots of shoveling).  The kids wanted to go out and play and go sledding.  Here was my view from inside staying nice and warm with my hot cup of coffee! 😉

Jaidean Baker Photography | Spokane Child Photographer

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