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{The J Family} Spokane Family Photographer

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this family for about the past 7 years, I think…it’s been a long time, regardless!  It is always so much fun and I just love being able to see all four kids grow over the years.

























Always fun to re-create “then and now” photos!


Jaidean Baker Photography | Spokane Family Photographer


{Chasing Moments} Mine on Monday

It’s that time again – Chasing Moment’s Blog Circle! I’m loving how this actually make me focus on my own kid’s pictures for at least a little bit of time every month! 🙂

Below are some back-to-school pictures I took of my kids earlier in the month. Teagun started 3rd grade and Emery started kindergarten. I had a really hard time with her starting kindergarten this year…I think because she is my “baby” and a she is now in “big kid” school! I wasn’t ready, but she definitely was…she is loving it and doing great!










Be sure to check out the full blog circle by first checking out Becky Anderson Photography’s Chasing Moments post for this month and clicking through!

Jaidean Baker Photography | Spokane Family Photographer


{Mine on Monday} Spokane Child Photographer

I had all these big plans of taking the kids to a park and doing some Valentine pictures this weekend.  I had a cute idea in my head that I wanted to try.  Saturday was beautiful so I had planned on doing it after nap time (Teagun had a soccer game before so there wasn’t time)…totally not thinking that you can’t go take pictures outside much after 3:30 right now and Emery always sleeps until 3:30 – whoops.  Sunday, we will do it on Sunday.  Well, my friends called Sunday morning and asked if I wanted to go get a pedicure and that won out instead…lol.  So I took Emery out in our yard instead because I had showed her the tutu and she wanted to wear it.  It was much colder yesterday and she was done within like 2 minutes, so I am glad I did not get them both dressed up and drive to the park for it lasting all of two minutes.  May not have gotten the pictures I was hoping for, but I’ve got nice looking toes at least! 😉

Jaidean Baker Photography | Spokane Child Photographer


More of them… {Spokane Children’s Photographer}

I know you all probably get tired of seeing these two all the time! 🙂

Teagun finished school a couple weeks ago and is loving summer break! As I mentioned below he finally figured out how to ride his bike, so has been doing a lot of bike riding lately. I know I’ve said it before, but I am just loving age 4 so far. It is like he turned from a toddler to a little boy overnight. People have always said how much he looks like his dad and I could see some similarities, but thought he was a good mixture of both of us. But lately, I think he has really started to look like Trevor. I tell him he is his daddy’s little clone, which he responds with, “I am not daddy’s little clown, I am a kid!”


And Miss Emery. What can I say…she is a typical 18 month old. Figuring out her independence, meaning lots of fits and tantrums. Trevor and I tell her often that it is a good thing she is so cute! 😉 She is really starting to talk a lot more, which is good since I was starting to worry about that. I haven’t decided who she looks likes. I don’t think she looks like Teagun (Trevor) at all, but don’t really think she looks like me either. I guess she has her own look. She’s got little ringlet curls though in her hair that I am totally jealous of.  She had her 18 month appointment a couple weeks ago and weighed 24 lbs (50%) and was 34 1/4 inches (98%)…tall little thing.



I’ll Take It! {Personal}

Getting pictures of these two together is  nearly impossible.  Teagun rarely, rarely wants anything to do with the camera anymore and Emery normally is Miss Independent and doesn’t want Teagun right next to her.  It’s not perfect, but I’ll take it!  🙂



Jaclynn’s Graduation

My little sister graduated from Eastern Oregon University last weekend, so we made the trek to LaGrande, OR.  We are so proud of her!  She got her degree in psychology and will start school again in the fall (here though, yay!) to get her masters.  She hopes to become a school counselor.  Here are a few snapshots taken at her graduation.



My family

just the girls


My Kids and I – Week 22/52

Playing catch-up again!  This picture was taken by Kim when we were in Montana – I love it!

Week 21

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