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{Chasing Moments} Mine on Monday

It’s that time again – Chasing Moment’s Blog Circle! I’m loving how this actually make me focus on my own kid’s pictures for at least a little bit of time every month!:)

Below are some back-to-school pictures I took of my kids earlier in the month. Teagun started 3rd grade and Emery started kindergarten. I had a really hard time with her starting kindergarten this year…I think because she is my “baby” and a she is now in “big kid” school! I wasn’t ready, but she definitely was…she is loving it and doing great!










Be sure to check out the full blog circle by first checking out Becky Anderson Photography’s Chasing Moments post for this month and clicking through!

Jaidean Baker Photography | Spokane Family Photographer


{Mine on Monday} Spokane Child Photographer

I had all these big plans of taking the kids to a park and doing some Valentine pictures this weekend.  I had a cute idea in my head that I wanted to try.  Saturday was beautiful so I had planned on doing it after nap time (Teagun had a soccer game before so there wasn’t time)…totally not thinking that you can’t go take pictures outside much after 3:30 right now and Emery always sleeps until 3:30 – whoops.  Sunday, we will do it on Sunday.  Well, my friends called Sunday morning and asked if I wanted to go get a pedicure and that won out instead…lol.  So I took Emery out in our yard instead because I had showed her the tutu and she wanted to wear it.  It was much colder yesterday and she was done within like 2 minutes, so I am glad I did not get them both dressed up and drive to the park for it lasting all of two minutes.  May not have gotten the pictures I was hoping for, but I’ve got nice looking toes at least! 😉

Jaidean Baker Photography | Spokane Child Photographer


GO BIG – CANVAS SALE! {Spokane Photographer}

For one week only, I am offering BIG discount on a couple canvas sizes – BIG sizes! :)  I love to see my work BIG in client’s home, and this is a great opportunity to get those pictures you love in a gorgeous canvas at a great price!   This is only available until Saturday, January 23rd.  If you are interested and would like to have your gallery republished to make a purchase, just email me!

size 16×20 is $200.00 (savings of $150.00!)

size 20×24 is $250.00 (savings of $200.00!)

* No fee to have your gallery republished to order.

* Payment must be received by 12pm on Saturday, January 23rd.

* All orders subject to WA state sales tax.


{5 on Friday} Spokane Photographer

My friend Chelsey was recruiting people to join her in 5 on Friday. I had initially bowed out, but decided I did have a couple things to say!:)

1. If you are trying to call me, please email me and I will give you a different phone number. I left my phone charger in California last weekend and it was found and is being mailed, so I don’t want to go buy a new one. However, my battery died 2 days ago. I’m lost without my cell phone. I am having texting withdrawals…lol.

2. I have a couple fun giveaways in the works. Nothing to do with my business, so anyone and everyone can enter. Right now I am thinking I will do one at the beginning of the month through the end of the year. So be sure to check back…don’t want to miss them!

3. I’ve been totally slacking on my Fashion Friday posts. They take some time to put together and I haven’t had much time, but if I know people are enjoying them and getting anything out of them, I will be happy to continue – let me know!

4. Halloween Mini-Sessions were announced in my newsletter, so all newsletter recipients had first come, first serve on booking (see, there are perks to signing up for the newsletter). So now here is the information for everyone else who didn’t get my newsletter.
This is for one child only. Contact me if you are interested in adding additional children to the session.
Halloween Mini-Sessions_web

5. As I stated on last week’s 5 on Friday, I had the opportunity to attend a fabulous workshop in Balboa, CA. I had so much fun and have a lot of images to share here soon…probably be several posts since I took a lot of pictures! But while there my friend and fellow photographer Stephanie Fisher took some pictures of me so I thought I would share a couple.:)  Thanks, Steph!


Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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